● World's Wealth Comes From Industry Maintenance

As the industrial revolution of the 15th century brought mankind into a new world with high material civilization, numerous manufacturing plants are divided into professional divisions in modern industry.


Continuous profits keep coming from the performance of manufacturing equipments.

The good conditions of equipments depend on the work of experienced maintenance engineers;

Maintenance engineers need reliable industrial maintenance products to guarantee their work.


Manufacturing plants need industrial maintenance products,

Otherwise, they can't make bricks without straw.



● NOBEIN Industrial Maintenance 

NOBEIN was born to guard industrial production by providing systematic solutions.

NOBEIN has always been an important assistant for the irregular maintenance work.

NOBEIN’s products are indicators of safe and sound maintenance program for equipments and production process.



● Chemical is color sky

With the development of science, NOBEIN enriches the world in the field of chemistry, making chemistry a rainbow reflecting the sky.

Our research on chemical mechanism is not limited to their application effect, more importantly, on how to follows the principle of "nature-friendly". Therefore, more and more natural materials and ecological extracts will be used in our products. All our products are aim at high performance, low consumption, green, colorless and tasteless. Meanwhile, they are handy and quite difficult to ignite or explode. There is no doubt that our products are known as "future chemicals" and change people's traditional concept of chemistry.

  1. Make maintenance easy;
  2. Overall industrial maintenance solutions;
  3. Stable production ensures comprehensive benefits;
  4. Direct benefits by reducing the machine parts wear and tear.