● Rich experience in high temperature working condition of iron and steel metallurgy industry

The "RED-POINT" series includes high temperature gear oil, high temperature bearing grease, high temperature steel wire rope oil, high temperature chain oil, high temperature anti sticking paste and anti rust cleaning oil. Working together, they can solve all kinds of lubrication problems in the severe working conditions, such as high temperature, water vapor, heavy load, dust and scale in the smelting industry. They effectively protect production process and significantly save maintenance costs.


● Rich experience in the corrosion, safety production and heavy load conditions in the oil refining and chemical industry.

Maintenance features of petrochemical refining equipment:
Petrochemical enterprises always work under high temperature, high pressure, inflammable or explosive conditions. They have high requirements for safety production;
There are corrosive environments such as acid and alkali. There are more fixed equipment require for anti-corrosion and anti-jamming;
Different kinds of equipments of high value require intensive work of the maintenance team;
There are less rotating machines, among which the maintenance of reducer is very important.

● Rich experience in high temperature and heavy load conditions in thermal power and hydropower industry

Maintenance features of thermal power plant equipment:
Large investment in power plant equipment, high maintenance requirements;
The coal dust is large, and the lubricant has high requirements of dust resistance;
High temperature environment, such as boiler, steam turbine, etc;
Work hard. Such as dumper, coal mill and other heavy-duty equipment, the anti-wear and anti extreme pressure functions of lubricants are highly required, and general-purpose lubricating products have no special effects in the industry;
The safety requirements of human and machine are high, and the equipment is required to be in good maintenance condition.


● Rich experience in clean production lines of tobacco and food industry

Maintenance features of cigarette factory equipment:
There has never been an industry like cigarette manufacturing enterprises that combines speed, quality, cleanliness and standardization so perfectly;
The product quality control of cigarette production has the same strict requirements as that of food industry. The standard is restricted by the import license of the industry, and the service life of cigarette equipment is long. Mechanical essence
In order to ensure the stable production efficiency, the equipment maintenance cost is very high to solve the problem of scratch, static electricity and oil in the cigarette production process
Marks, water erosion, corrosion and other problems.


● Rich experience in the efficient and clean requirement of various automatic production lines

Maintenance features of automatic production line:
There are numerous chains being used in the conveyor belt of automatic production line, which are the key point of maintenance;
30% energy is consumed by friction;
80% equipment damage comes from wearing;
70% equipment wear comes from "dry start". 
Automatic production lines feature in fast running, high speed, variety, frequent start-up and shutdown, which puts forward high requirements for gear oils used under high temperature, wear resistance and dry start-up conditions;
Long-lived lubricant is needed for automation equipments which work consistently. According to "hot spot" theory, grease will be deteriorated if it is not refilled in time.